The Learning Circle English Center

Established in 2008 in Modiin, Israel, The Learning Circle is a dedicated English-enrichment center, providing children aged 3 to 12 with high-quality programs and activities to boost their English literacy.
The Learning Circle English Center was founded by Alana Stern, certified English teacher and Jolly Phonics instructor. At the center, Alana brings her experience and skills to every program, together with personal attention and warmth for every student.
Over the years, The Learning Circle has supported hundreds of new olim and children from bilingual families, as well as children whose parents have chosen to reinforce their English education well beyond the standard lessons received at school. 
Located in the Buchman neighborhood, The Learning Circle is synonymous with quality learning through constructive play – a philosophy that drives all the center’s programs.  
Welcome to The Learning Circle English Center, where you are invited to explore a complete world of English.

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