Your English-Speaking Child in Israel

Whether you are new or recent olim, maintaining an English-speaking household, or raising children in a bilingual family, managing your child’s English level in Israel is a challenge. On the one hand, we want our kids to assimilate in the local culture, to learn Hebrew and become fully-fledged Israelis. On the other hand, we want to ensure that our children’s English – a true gift in a globalized world – remains at an optimal level, without causing detriment to the development of their Hebrew.
As parents of English-speaking children, we need to strike the right balance for our kids. At The Learning Circle in Modiin, activities are conducted by certified and experienced teacher Alana Stern, who keeps a finger on the pulse of the language capabilities and development of each and every child, to ensure the best results according to their needs.  Alana also keeps in close contact with parents, partnering with them in their child’s English-language development to make the most of teaching time. To discuss your child’s development and potential, and the ways that The Learning Circle can help your child, please contact Alana at, or  tel. no: 0547550747.

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