Alana Stern, Founder & Manager

Born and raised in South Africa, Alana Stern has been teaching in classrooms since 1993. She completed a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Cape Town and a Higher Education diploma at the University of South Africa. Her teaching career began as a Hebrew teacher in Cape Town at a number of schools and cheders, and in 1996 she was appointed Head of Jewish Studies Department at a Cape Town day school. After making aliyah in 2002, Alana completed the Morim Olim course, and was certified as a licensed teacher in Israel. She then began her journey in English teaching, as a teacher for English speakers (“Dovrei Anglit”) at schools in Netanya and then in Modiin. Since 2003, Alana has been the Dovrei Anglit teacher and coordinator at Mesuat Neriah school in Modiin. Alana is also a certified Jolly Phonics instructor, having completed the Synthetic Phonics and Primary Grammar Teacher Training Course.
In 2002, Alana began running English chugim and private lessons from home. Her student’s marked improvement in English and the fun, warm nature of her programs soon became well known, and she decided to establish The Learning Circle in Modiin, dedicated to the advancement of English for English-speaking children in Israel, new olim and children from bilingual families.
The Learning Circle is a realization of Alana’s aspirations as a teacher and lover of the English language: to support kids with high-quality enrichment programs that help to improve their English literacy, to enhance their English schooling, and – ultimately – to encourage a love of English.

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