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New @ TLC - Remedial Instruction in English Reading

Is your elementary/middle school child struggling to make adequate progress in reading, writing and spelling? At TLC, we offer one on one tutoring sessions with a British Dyslexia Association certified tutor. Based on the Hickey Multisensory Language Program, our system will give your child the confidence boost s/he so desperately needs after struggling with English reading in school. Activities are short and interactive, making it an easy program for children with attention difficulties. The program also aims to empower your child by teaching him/her to how to take responsibility for their own learning. Sessions are 45 minutes (3rd-5th grade) or 60 minutes (6th-8th grade). Contact us at to schedule a free evaluation session. 


The Hickey Multisensory Language Program is:

  • Phonics-based - teaching the basic skills that underpin reading. 

  • Highly-structured - each lesson follows the same structure, the predictablity giving your child a sense of security.

  • Cumulative - previously learned material is constantly reintroduced in novel ways, to ensure reinforcement.

  • Multi-sensory - catering to all types of learners, and compensating for weaknesses in the visual/auditory/kinesthetic routes to literacy.

  • Success-orientated - raising self-esteem and motivating towards further successful learning. 


Founder and manager of The Learning Circle English Center in Modiin, Alana Stern offers private English lessons for children aged 3 to 12. With 15 years of English-teaching experience, including more than 10 years in the Israeli school system, Alana is deeply familiar with the current curriculum and teaching methods employed in schools throughout the country. For new or recent olim, or children who need assistance in keeping up with the pace of their English classes at school, Alana’s individually-tailored private lessons are an effective way to rapidly improve English-language proficiency, with focused one-on-one attention from a highly experienced teacher.
Private Lessons @ A Glance
Ages: 3-12.
Schedule: Weekday afternoon sessions.
Content: Individually-tailored, flexible program based on the child’s level and needs.
Suitable for: Children at all levels of English proficiency, including new olim.
Private Lessons @ The Learning Circle are fully insured according to the law.
Private Lessons schedule: To find out more or to book lessons, please contact Alana at, or tel. no: 0547550747.

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