Services 2018-19

Private Remedial Reading Tutoring

For children struggling to acquire English reading, writing and spelling skills; despite their intelligence and potential. I have been certified by the British Dyslexia Association to teach with the Hickey Multi-Sensory Method. The method is great for struggling readers and those with attention issues.


  • NIS 200 for 50-60 minutes (depending on the child’s stamina)

  • NIS 350 for 2x a week of 45 minutes


ADHD/LD (Learning Difficulties) Coaching

For children age 8 and up who struggle with attention issues, and executive function (planning and organization, starting things, maintaining effort and perseverance towards a goal, emotional regulation and remembering things).


  • NIS 250 for 60 minutes (final 5-10 min together with parent).

  • Coaching objectives include (among others) strategies for: Self-awareness, empowerment, self-esteem building, problem-solving, self-management, social skills, self-advocacy and time-management.


Combination Lesson –

Remedial Reading and ADHD/LD Coaching

For children age 8 and up. Program suited to students with a short attention span - 5 minute multi-sensory activities, systematic, cumulative. Coaching objectives address difficulties experienced by children with attention issues, dyslexia and other learning difficulties (see ADHD/LD COACHING description above).


  • NIS 250 for 60 minutes (40 minutes literacy, 20 minutes coaching).


Group Literacy Lessons (חוגים)  

  • 6-8 children per group

  • Gan Hova – 1x a week group of 45 minutes NIS 230 per month – using Jolly Phonics Program.

  • First Grade – 2x a week group of 45 minutes 430 per month

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